Benefits Of Instagram For Your Business

Instagram For Business Benefits

Experience and Enjoy the Benefits of Instagram for your Business with Profit SEO


With more than 800 million active users monthly and more than 500 million active daily users, Instagram has certainly come a long way since its inception in 2010.

Countless businesses have been tapping into the power of this social media platform to achieve their business marketing goals.

Instagram displays lots of potential and the benefits it can bring to businesses can never be underrated.

This platform continues to grow and continues to attract millions of business owners all over the world who are looking for effective and powerful means to market products and services and succeed in no time.


Unveiling the Great Benefits of Instagram for your Business


Instagram is a huge social network connecting individuals mainly through visual elements. These are powerful ways of capturing and sustaining people’s interest and attention. If you own a business, you need to capitalise on this social platform if you wanted to gain an edge and succeed highly of today’s competitive online marketplace.


If you incorporate Instagram as part of your business marketing strategy, you will surely enjoy the following benefits:


  • Instagram Is  Visual, so it Becomes Easier to Highlight Your Products and Services

As a famous photo sharing site, it’s obvious that Instagram is exclusively used for video and photo posts. Considering the fact that visual contents are more engaging than texts, this has become a great opportunity for marketers and business owners.

Rather than sending followers into your site to explain the benefits of doing business with you or to make purchases, you can just make use of photos to create highly compelling messages. Photos provide you the chance of highlighting your products and services.

Videos are also excellent ways of showing that your products and services are in action. You can also use Instagram to show your business culture and more other behind the scene essential aspects of your exclusive business.


  • Instagram Allows Your Business to Connect with More Customers

While most individuals think about other social media sites when it comes to connecting and engaging to fans and clients online, they might be surprised to learn that Instagram has the most engaged and active users.

The report revealed that Instagram could significantly generate a hundred times more engagements than any other social media platform follower.

With this higher engagement, Instagram is proven to be the perfect platform to easily connect with more customers, listen to feedback, build relationships and by means of conversations, your business will surely spark.

You can actually share photos of new products and ask individuals about what they think. You can also give them a sneak peak of your new projects and figure out if they have inputs.


  • Helps Build Your Brand

Unlike other social media platforms, you cannot expect to send traffic to your website with each post that you make on Instagram. You cannot even include links to your posts, and the only link you can have is right on your bio.

This might seem a disadvantage, and if you’re hoping to drive more revenue directly from your Instagram account, it surely is.

Nevertheless, this could also mean users actively following and interacting with your business because they are aware that you are not trying to sell anything directly to them.

You can use Instagram in building your brand instead. You can share user-generated contents, upload photos, highlight business or company culture, and upload photos which reflect your mission and vision.

Through humanising your exclusive brand and then showcasing your authenticity, these types of contents can help in building trust that result in long-term and strong customer relationship.


  • Instagram Offers Options for Targeted Advertising

Much like other mainstream media sites, Instagram provides businesses with options for paid advertising.

What’s more, in spite of the fact that you can run a fruitful record without spending that much, these advertising features can actually be a viable method to develop and grow your accounts.


  • Instagram Helps Your Business Learn What Customers Like

You might not realize it, but your audience may already be sharing pictures and can already be talking about your business on Instagram. This is particularly true if your business got a physical location where clients come and visit regularly.

Taking for instance restaurant businesses, individuals love sharing pictures of their most favorite restaurant menu. With Instagram, they can share pictures and let followers learn the spot where you are enjoying meals through tagging your exact location.

But aside from restaurants, individuals are also fond of sharing pictures taken from many different locations. As soon as they tag your location, their colleagues and friends will see this providing customers the chance of marketing your business on your behalf.

One of the best ways to see if individuals have shared images at your exact location is by snapping photo at your business and then tagging your location. Upon sharing your photo, you’ll see a link on top of the photo which you can click in order to see all the pictures which have been shared at your office or store.

This is a great means to know what your clients like about your business and the reason why they are sharing about you.


  • Reach More New Audience

Instagram essentially makes it easier to discover more new people, photos, and of course new businesses.

One of the great ways that individuals find new contents on Instagram is through hashtags.

Like other social media platforms, when somebody incorporates a hashtag in an Instagram post, a connection is made, and you can see the majority of the photographs which have been shared utilising that hashtag.

Using hashtag is a powerful way to get found by potential customers who share their interests and passion or to proactively find potential clients.

Aside from hashtag, Instagram also features Discover Tab. This is dedicated to assisting users in finding photos and connecting with users who are significant to them.


  • Fuel Your Business Marketing Channels

One of the best things about the Instagram contents you created is that it can be shared easily across many different marketing channels.

You can empower social sharing within your Instagram setting, so your pictures will automatically share when you decide to post them on Instagram.

Even if you dislike sharing them on different networks, you can simply save the photos to your mobile device and access them the moment you are ready to post.

The contents you opt to share on Instagram can likewise be utilised as a part of your email advertising campaigns. In case you are a constant contact client, you can incorporate Instagram in your photo library using a special tool, and effortlessly get to your photographs when you’re prepared to send your campaigns.


  • Instagram  Allows Your Business to Generate More Sales

Creating impressive and professional looking photos to highlight your services or showcase your products has now become more affordable and easier. This results in visual platforms like Instagram to do more than just obtaining higher engagement but driving more sales as well.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful and avoid filling your feed with images of products with similar captions asking shoppers to shop online or buy. You need to find creative ways instead to display your exclusive products and allow you image to speak for itself.



Do you want to Use Instagram in your Business? We are Here to Help


As one of the leading and fastest-growing platforms worldwide, Instagram is an excellent way for businesses to reach new clients. If you are considering adding this into your business marketing strategy, Profit SEO is here to help.

Our expert and experienced social media management team have the skills and expertise to create and manage successful strategies and techniques across different platforms including the most popular Instagram.

As the use of social media increases continuously across almost all demographics, social media marketing turned out to be an effective and valuable tactic for businesses.

However, as the preferences of consumers change, this can be challenging to keep up with the leading platforms for your specific industry and even harder to manage diverse techniques for each.

Some businesses are skeptical about using Instagram, but upon learning the benefits of Instagram to business, they will surely change their mind and realize that using Instagram makes sense and is completely worth their time.

Here at Profit SEO, we are committed to delivering quality services including social media marketing. We are committed to helping businesses take over the competition with our proven strategies.

As experts in the marketing industries, we have proven and impressive track of record to craft the most effective online social media marketing strategies that guarantee long-term and measurable results.

Feel free to contact us today and talk to one of our specialists to learn how Instagram can actually fit your business marketing. Also, we advise you to keep browsing and reading our site to learn how Instagram can also benefit your business in case you decide to make this part of your marketing strategies.

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