Google Penalty Removal Service

SEO Backlink Audit

Do you have a site that has had a massive decline in traffic or can’t seem to find any pages in the search results?

Did you build a site that enjoyed high rankings due to extensive SEO link building tactics?

More than likely your site is suffering from a link-based penalty.

There are those who have learned how to manipulate backlinks to their site to gain higher visibility in the search engines. However, Google constantly updates their algorithm as a way to detect and punish those sites that have used these types of tactics. We have developed a backlink audit process that is able to detect the toxicity of a specific website’s link profile.

This audit is used to identify any weakness that is found in the backlink profile. Once we have completed the audit, you will be presented with a clear action plan to move forward with backlinking.

This will ensure that any undesirable or unwanted domains that have not been manually created are known. Once the audit has been completed you will have an idea of who and what has linked to your site and what is beneficial to your site and what needs to go.

Penguin Penalty Removal Service
SEO Penalty

Removal Of The Google Penalty

The goal of the audit is to remove any penalty that has been placed on the website from Google. It is also used to prevent any further penalties.


Google’s Penguin algorithm was designed to target web spam and sites that have used methods to manipulate the rankings through offsite signals. When a site receives a manual penalty or algorithmic penalty it causes a site’s organic performance to decrease.

When a site removes one of these penalties it must be removed as soon as possible.

If you have a website that has used extensive link building practices to gain rankings in the search engines is it imperative to remove these negative links before the search engines find them and penalize the site. Once a site has been penalized it becomes much more difficult to have these links removed from a site’s profile.

We use a number of tools that have the ability to evaluate large numbers of backlinks in a short time and ensures that the correct links have been identified and removed.

We will also offer advice on general link removal as well as how to disavowal file or phrase a reconsideration request.

When we have identified all of the negative links and removed them, you have the opportunity to start building great content that will be linked to through organic means.

It is possible to recover from a Penguin-based penalty once you have built up a quality domain that has received natural and organic links.

Want To Remove A Google Penalty?

Algorithmic filters and manual penalties seriously impact your site visibility. We can help you get back on track!